Cinamaker accepts photos, graphics and videos from your iPad's Camera Roll. With Cinamaker Director Pad you can decorate your video production by overlaying pictures, video, and text to your productions. 

To add graphics/media:

1.Tap on the Media option in the panel at the top right of Director Pad preview screen.

2. Tap on the Media icon at the bottom right and select the type of graphic/media you wish. This will lead to images and/or video saved on your iPad's camera roll. 

Simply select the media you wish to add and it will appear in the overlays panel to be selected during your production.

3. To show or to hide an overlay during production, tap on the eyeball next to that certain overlay.

4. To re-order and/or remove an overlay, tap the “Expand” option at the bottom of the overlay panel next to “Add Media” (see below) and select the delete action or the re-order action.

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