Cinamaker is a new way of creating professional-grade videos. 

Cinamaker is a brand new tool for video capture, recording, live streaming and rapidly editing professional-grade video.

We've adapted rapid live production techniques and integrated traditional linear production processes by networking and synchronizing multiple iPhones and digital cameras with an iPad app that allows you to live preview, remote control, record, live edit and live stream all your cameras in real-time. The result; countless hours saved in post production, portable and lightweight, simple and fun to operate, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional production tools.

How to Use this Guide

This guide is designed to help you to begin using Cinamaker immediately. We've organized in sections related:

  • Getting Started
  • Pre-Production
  • Production
  • Post-Production

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Why Cinamaker?

Cinamaker  is a new way of creating videos. You can now have an entire integrated workflow capturing media from multiple video and audio sources, automate the transfer of those videos in perfect sync to the Director who can live preview everything, start recording, send the live stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and others, archive and/or edit later, and send it to Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere CS for refinement. 

Cinamaker enables a network, wireless or wired, that connects and synchronizes all your devices; iPhones and digital cameras with the iPad as your control center

Once shot, Cinamaker has powerful tools that allow you to transfer your synchronized multi-camera recorded video into Adobe Premiere and Apple Final Cut Pro where you can seamlessly finish editing and eliminate the time to organize and sync your media.

Cinamaker gives you a real-time video production and live streaming suite  and packaged it neatly in an iPad. 

With Cinamaker you are in control; live preview and remote control all your cameras, start and stop live streams and recordings, insert graphics and video directly, live edit during your recording and save countless hours in post-production, and after recording pull your nicely  into a traditional editor if you want with speed and  continuity.

The goal of Cinamaker is to allow you to flow when you're creating video. Create video a lot faster and more efficiently. We're cutting out a lot of the  traditional workflows that people are used to.  No longer will you have to collect  all your footage from multiple places and digitize it and put it all into sync before you begin your editing process. We  automate a lot of that. We also let you do powerful live editing and  we'll get into that a little bit.