Cinamaker is free and consists of two apps; Cinamaker Capture, the companion app to Cinamaker Director Pad, allows you to connect and synchronize each iPhone for recording video and audio. 

Cinamaker Capture (for both iPhone and iPad) can be downloaded from the App Store.

To Download and Install Cinamaker Capture, follow these directions:

Go to the App Store and search for" Cinamaker "

Once downloaded you will need to install Cinamaker Capture on each of your iPhones

The first time you launch Cinamaker Capture you will be asked to register the app.  

NOTE: If you have already registered Cinamaker Director Pad you can avoid registering again.

You may select one of your social logins. Cinamaker is integrated with Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

You will be asked for permission to use your camera and microphone for video and audio recording.