For first-time users or when installed on a new iPad, the best way to configure and setup Cinamaker Director Pad is as follows:

First access the settings menu located at the the top left corner of the Welcome screen. From the hamburger menu you will select "Settings"

Within Settings there are a number of options:

Network ID. Cinamaker works on a Peer-to-Peer local area network. Network ID is a number that you can control and in order to find one another on the network, the Network ID must be consistent between your Cinamaker Director Pad and each of your Cinamaker Capture devices.  The Network ID defaults to "0000".  It is critical that all devices have the identical Network ID number otherwise you will be unable to connect iPhone cameras with the iPad. 

Save video to Camera Roll: You may save all your live stream and live edit recordings to the iPad by selecting this option. By default, Save video to Camera Roll is set to "On".

Transition type: Cinamaker allows you to select from various camera transition options. 

Transition Duration: Camera transitions can be controlled by length. In accordance with Transition Type (above) this controls the speed of your transitions when switching from camera to camera. Two-tenths of a second is a nice quick speedy transition. You may adjust to up to a half second. Setting transitions to 0.0 will result is a fast cut.

Disconnect from: Cinamaker allows you to live stream to YouTube and Facebook. This "Disconnect from" option allows you to quickly disconnect from previously saved social accounts.

Stream Splash Images: In case your camera fails during a shoot for any reason it will be replaced by a placeholder image. You may change the default Color Bars image by uploading your own.

Keyboard shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts allow you to add a USB keyboard to your iPad and customize shortcuts such as camera angles, graphics objects, audio sources, headphones and more. 

Advanced Settings:

  • Video latency is the  amount of delay introduced between the cameras sending their signal to the iPad. In order to manage synchronization, Cinamaker introduces a minimum two-tenths of a second for a wired Ethernet setup. When using Wi-Fi and you're getting some interference you may want to increase latency to a half a second delay. 
  • Default  bitrate. Cinamaker Director Pad has 4 settings 2 for WiFi operation and 2 for Ethernet. The settings correspond to the following bitrates Low 1.5Mb/sec, Good 3Mb/sec, Better 7Mb/sec, Best 15Mb/sec. NOTE: Better and Best quality is reserved only for configurations with a wired Ethernet network.
  • YouTube and Facebook privacy.  The default privacy settings for live streaming to YouTube or Facebook allow you to make your selection here.