Cinamaker in a Wireless Environment

Cinamaker enables a network, wireless or wired, that connects and synchronizes all your devices; iPhones and digital cameras with the iPad as your control center

Built on Apple iOS, Cinamaker Director Pad works with various network standards. 

The easiest option to connect the Director Pad (iPad) to the iPhones and HDMI adapters is to make sure WiFi is active on all devices. However, we suggest you make sure each device is NOT connected into an active Wi-Fi network. 

Device Configuration (WiFi)

IPad (WiFi ON Bluetooth ON)

iPhones (WiFi ON Bluetooth OFF)

-compatible with WiFi RTSP encoders

Once this is done, Cinamaker Director Pad will automatically detect devices within a range of 15'-25'* and create it's own peer-to-peer network.

As long as iPhone cameras and the iPad controller are within range of each other and there is no interference they will stay connected without incident. In your home studio or office with clear Wi-Fi,  or out in the woods or beach you are not likely to have interference between devices.

Under conditions of excessive crowds and electronics competing for bandwidth you may encounter problems sending video wirelessly. Problems may occur at trade shows, music venues or gymnasiums, and/or where distance between cameras and the iPad are in excess of 15'-25' and therefore out of range, there may be interference that results in dropped connections between cameras and iPad.

Alternately, to ensure a 100% reliable connection, we suggest investing in Cinamaker Wired Connectivity Kits.

NOTE:  Provided there is limited RF interference, and direct, unencumbered line of sight, Cinamaker Director Pad will comfortably connect to iPhone devices within 15'-25'.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT use WiFi under any of the following conditions:

There are more than 8 people within your proximity that possess a smartphone that is turned on