When You will Need to Connect To The Internet

Cinamaker can be used without a connection to the Internet, although the Internet is required under the following conditions. 


To live stream a good internet connection is required. Connect to the Internet through your iPad as you normally would, using LTE, WiFi or a wired Ethernet connection to your router.

Archiving Footage

You will need the internet to archive your projects to iCloud or Dropbox

Connecting to the Internet using WiFi while operating a Wireless Setup

When you are using Cinamaker in a wireless setting, and wish to connect to the Internet via wifi, simply connect your iPad as you typically would using local wi-fi or an LTE network (if applicable)

Device Configuration (WiFi)

IPad (WiFi ON Bluetooth ON)

iPhones (WiFi ON Bluetooth OFF)

-compatible with WiFi RTSP encoders

Connecting to the Internet using a Wired Ethernet Setup

When you are using a wired ethernet setup you will need an internet router (see "Using Wired Ethernet to Connect"). Make sure your ethernet network has access to the internet by patching an internet router into your switch. 

NOTE: If your cameras and iPad are connected using a wired setup, Cinamaker requires a wired open connection to the Internet that plugs into your Cinamaker Hub or Ethernet switch. Presently, iOS does not allow Wi-Fi or LTE connections when using a wired Ethernet setup.

Gigabit Ethernet Router (4 port)

Gigabit Power-over-Ethernet Hub

Gigabit Power-over-Ethernet Switch

What if I don't have an Internet Router? 

If you don't have a internet router it is possible your wireless router at home or office have ethernet ports on the back. In that case your wifi router will serve as your internet router by running an ethernet cable from the ethernet port on your wireless router into your Cinamaker switch. 

If you dont have access to an internet router or a wifi router with an ethernet port you'll want to investigate a Wireless Bridge. A Wireless Bridge is a box (roughly $40) with antennas that connects and receives wifi from your wireless network and typically includes an ethernet jack that you can plug into and run your ethernet cable into your ethernet switch for patching through to Cinamaker.