Cinamaker enables a network, wireless or wired, that connects and synchronizes all your devices; iPhones and digital cameras with the iPad as your control center

Cinamaker Connectivity Kits

There are times when Wi-Fi conditions are not optimal and you will need a wired Ethernet solution to ensure reliable connection between iPad and your cameras. Cinamaker Connectivity Kits are simple to set-up and operate and include a Wired Ethernet solution using a simple router/switch, some ethernet wires, and Ethernet-to-Lightning adapters for the iPad and iPhones. 

Ethernet Hardware Setup:  No configuration required.

  • Switch

  • Router

  • HDMI Encoder

  • iPhone/iPad adapters

  • Audio Mixer

Device Configuration (Ethernet)

IPad (WiFi ON Bluetooth ON)

iPhones (WiFi OFF Bluetooth OFF)

Encoder (pre-configured)

The ethernet router/switch includes a WAN port for accessing the internet plus switch ports to connect your iPad,  iPhone cameras, HDMI-enabled encoders for digital cameras and other devices.

You'll be  pleased to know you can go 328 feet per ethernet cable, so you can create significant distance between cameras and the iPad while easily running and hiding cables.