Cinamaker enables a network, wireless or wired, that connects and synchronizes all your devices; iPhones and digital cameras with the iPad as your control center

In addition to connecting iPhones with Cinamaker you can also connect digital cameras and just about any other device as long as it has compatible HDMI output. This can include computers, game systems, DVD players and more.  

It is simple to connect HDMI devices to Cinamaker. Using a Cinamaker Encoder/HDMI Camera Adapter, your HDMI signal will be converted into IP and will power the device when plugged into the network.

Cinamaker Encoder

For example, you can plug a micro HDMI cable into the HDMI output jack on a Sony camcorder and plug the other end, a standard HDMI input, into the encoder. The encoder will then be plugged into the network switch using ethernet and will receive an HDMI signal plus power. 

The next step is to view the camcorder on the Director Pad. Do this by opening the camera browser (the camera icon at top right) and verify the connection

The image below shows two iPhones and an IP camera (the encoder) are now connected.