There may be times when you wish to send the programs video output to an external monitor. Cinamaker makes that easy and provides you two choices:

The first is sending your output through an Apple TV.

The HDMI output of the Apple TV will plug into your TV monitor, and the Ethernet output will plug into the switch.

Next, on your iPad call up Control Panel and simply turn on Screen Mirroring so that the contents of your iPad are displayed on the TV monitor. 

Select Apple TV from screen mirroring

Next you will  launch Cinamaker, click  Be A Director. 

In Preview mode you will find the Screen Mirroring status, "Only Preview".

When you are in Record or Live Stream mode, you will be able to switch your TV monitor to "Full Screen" mode and watch your actual program output.

The other option is Sending Video Program Output to an HDMI Adapter