Audio Recording with Cinamaker

With Cinamaker, capturing and recording audio requires at least one iPhone running Cinamaker Capture, the companion app to Director Pad. Cinamaker can capture and record audio from up-to 8 iPhone devices simultaneously. 

Cinamaker Capture
Each iPhone must be running Cinamaker Capture, the companion app to Director Pad.
Cinamaker Capture has two modes: Camera Assistant and Audio Assistant
  • Camera Assistant: turns your iPhone into both a video camera and audio capture device
  • Audio Assistant: turns your iPhone into an audio capture device only

Cinamaker Capture in Audio Assistant mode connects directly to Cinamaker Director Pad just like any camera. When connected your audio devices will show up in your audio  mixer, it mixes in just as if it's another camera.

Using Multiple Audio Devices

Cinamaker allows you to connect audio into your production several different ways.  

Ex 1: Using the iPhone's built-in Mic
Using the Cinamaker Capture app you can simply record audio from any of your iPhone's internal microphone, or with external mic plugged into the iPhone's headphone jack. 
When you want to  add an external microphone any of your cameras can become their own  independent audio source. 

Ex 3: Using External Microphones, plugged into the iPhone
You can use external mics with Cinamaker Capture
A lavalier mic, handheld and boom mic work well.

External mics can be plugged into the iPhone's headphone jack. 

NOTE: All mics plugging into the iPhone's headphone jack require plugs with three rings. This is called a  TRRS connector
If you have a microphone that has only two rings, you can purchase adapters that convert two rings to three-ring TRRS. Essentially these  adapters split out the headphone and the  microphone so that when the microphone  gets plugged in, it gets recognized , so  it's as simple as plugging in.  

Ex 4: Using Digital Cameras as Audio Devices


Ex 5: Using External Mixers

Another option is using a multi-channel mixer to output audio to Cinamaker.
In this case output from the stereo mixer is configured to be received through the headphone jack by the Cinamaker Capture device, either as a as a dedicated Audio Assistant, or in conjunction with being both a Camera Assistant and Audio Assistant.