Another great way to get audio into your Cinamaker production is using USB  audio devices. USB is a very  straightforward process that involves having a USB adapter to plug into your Lightning port

In the video example above you will see that you may use a USB dongle for a wireless microphone by simply plugging that USB dongle into an Apple adapter with a lightning connection into your Cinamaker Capture device. You can capture audio through the Cinamaker Capture device as either a Camera Assistant (Video) or an Audio Assistant, in either case, Cinamaker will capture audio through USB connection.

Alternately you can use a USB Audio Mixer. This works well when you are recording music or live events with professional microphones that output via XLR plugs. USB Audio Mixers output can be bridged with an Apple USB adapter straight into your Lightning port (see above).  With this configuration you can simply have a mix of of multiple audio sources sent directly to Cinamaker through your iPhone.