Now that you have downloaded the apps, you're all set up and we're connected.

What's the next step?

Typically, before any production would be pre-production activities. The following are a series of steps you will use to ensure you're recording and/or your livestream goes extremely well.  

The following topics include:

  • How you  connect your cameras using, iPhones, digital cameras , or any HDMI source
  • How you  set up a live stream
  • Connectnig to the Internet
  • Mixing your audio. 
  • Loading your media layers into the system including  movies, text, still graphics, animated graphics, picture-in- picture, and chroma-key setup

With Cinamaker you can pre-load any media layer into the system to prepare for a live-edit or live-stream.  We'll take you through all of this so by the time you've done your pre-production activities you're ready-to-roll.