With Cinamaker and multi-camera video production we recommend you make Pre-Production Planning a high priority.  Planning your shoot is necessary because there are a number of aspects of your production that need to be planned and prepared that will make or break the success.

Most critical to pay attention to are:


- iPhones, digital cameras

- Connections

-- Wireless or Wired?

- Power

-- Battery or Power-over-Ethernet?


- Microphones

- Adapter plugs

- Headphones for monitoring


Network Setup

- Wireless v Wired?

-- If Wired, do i have the Connectivity Kits

--- Ethernet cables at various lengths

--- Device connectors

--- Switch to direct traffic between devices

--- Router and Switch to access the Internet and direct traffic between devices


- Required for Director Pad when Live Streaming and uploading to the Cloud

- For a 1080p livestream you will want between a 6-8 Mb/sec sustained uplink speed.  


If you are going off-site there are certain things beyond your control. These are a few considerations to plan for:


Your Internet connection may be the most important item to plan for.  If you don't have a solid, reliable Internet connection you cannot be successful live-streaming with Cinamaker.

Other things you'll want to consider are:

  • Traffic Flow
  • Director Pad & Camera Locations
  • Wiring Layout (if applicable)
  • Lighting

Before your production, you should test:

- your internet connection using tools a reliable and sustained  internet connection (testing WiFi requires performing your test under the same conditions that will exist during your production. eg: 25+ people will create too much RF interference for WiFi connections to work reliably)

- your audio mix is also very important

- your camera connections You can check your camera connectivity on the camera diagnostics links in the camera browser in Director Pad,

Lastly- perform a live stream to yourself. Test it in private mode on YouTube or only to yourself on Facebook.  if you are using an event on Facebook or YouTube to start your stream you can preview your stream in your  Creator Center before you go live.