If you want to start a live-stream, or archive your projects to the cloud using iCloud or Dropbox, you must connect your iPad running Cinamaker to the Internet.


Connect via Wi-Fi

To start, connect your iPad to the Internet as you would normally. If you're using a Wi-Fi connection for Cinamaker, connect to a Wi-Fi network that has Internet access.

Connect via Wired Setup

When using a wired network you'll want to make sure that your Ethernet switch is connected to an internet router to access the Internet.

In order to successfully access the Internet, through Wi-Fi or a Wired Setup,  Cinamaker Director Pad (operating from your iPad) is the only device that needs an Internet connection because the iPad is the device sending the stream to the Internet. The iPhones and the cameras connected through encoders connect directly to the iPad so they do not need Internet connectivity.

Prior to a live stream, to make sure you have a solid connection to the Internet we recommend installing the Speedtest App on your iPad. A 720p HD stream requires a minimum of a 3-4Mbs/sec uplink speed. For a 1080p stream, you'll need between a 6-8Mb/sec sustained uplink speed. Sustained means it will stay above that transfer rate throughout a test and not dip below that speed.

Streaming Statistics

For successful live streaming, your available bandwidth is the most important consideration. Cinamaker also has a built-in method to allow you to check your streaming statistics. As soon as you start a live stream, you can click on 'Stream Diagnostics' on the top bar to the right of the battery icon.  This animated chart will show you the data that has been sent & received and whats remaining in the buffer. From here if you see a lot of data is getting stuck in the buffer you've got an Internet connection problem to solve.