With Cinamaker live streaming (and recording) is as easy as pressing the red button on the main PREVIEW screen.

Before you can live stream it's important that you get your streaming  accounts set up. The good news is Cinamaker makes it easy.  Cinamaker has direct integration with both Facebook and YouTube which means all you have to do is login with your credentials and you can begin live streaming instantly.  For other services like Periscope, Twitch or others you will select 'Manual RTMP' connection and enter the stream URL and a stream key provided by your live streaming provider.

Begin by selecting Record and Live Stream button.

Select to Record/Live Edit or select your Live Stream destination.

Cinamaker is integrated into YouTube (as shown here).


And Facebook as shown here

Other RTMP destinations, like Twitch, provide an RTMP URL and unique stream key allowing you to live stream with Cinamaker immediately.