Cinamaker is an integrated production workflow which means from setup and capture all the way through your finished product, Cinamaker manages the entire workflow of capturing, streaming and refining your video production in real-time at a fraction of the cost of traditional production and distribution.

With Cinamaker it's super easy and fast to record and live stream using up to 4 cameras, change camera angles, control graphics, video, chroma-key, and mix audio from multiple sources.

To get started, simply launch and connect your iPhone cameras and audio capture devices (running Cinamaker Capture, our companion app) to your iPad (running Cinamaker Director Pad).  You can now live preview and remote control your cameras, start and stop recording and/or live-streaming, conduct live-edits, add graphics and media, and mix your audio sources.

Once you stop your session, both your multi-camera live edit (aka "Line Cut") and raw footage will be saved as a Project file in Cinamaker Director Pad. Additionally, your edit decisions, graphics and media, audio mix and raw audio is saved on the iPad for refinement in Cinamaker's on-board editor, or export to your favorite editing software, including Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro (see "Post Production").