Cinamaker is an integrated production workflow which means from setup and capture all the way through your finished product, Cinamaker manages the entire workflow of capturing, streaming and refining your video production in real-time at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional production and distribution.

To get started, launch the Director Pad application and connect your cameras.  From your iPad you can live preview and remote control your cameras, start and stop recording and/or live-streaming, conduct live-edits, add graphics and media, mix your audio sources, and immediately refine.

You get to hold on to your  raw footage as well as your finished product at the end. As part of the process we archive all your source footage so if you're doing a live stream or a live edit you'll get

your finished video with all your added decisions and graphics displayed.

You'll also have your source footage and source media in case you want to go back later. With Cinamaker it's super easy and fast to change camera angles, drop in or out  another another image or re-mix your audio.