With Cinamaker you simply start all multi-camera video recording and live streaming by simply tapping the record button. 

This section is about Recording and multi-camera live editing with Cinamaker. 

We will talk about Live Streaming,  multi-camera live editing and recording in another  section.

Next you will be asked to choose between the following options below.

Should you choose to Record or Live Stream, you will be able to live cut by switching between cameras in real-time as the action unfolds. With Cinamaker, all your live edit decisions are recorded to your project file. 

Your project file is where your edited program and all your media assets (camera sources, audio, graphics/media) plus the metadata that is collected as your recording decisions are made, gets saved to a folder on your iPad. 

Cinamaker also gives you the ability to edit your projects after a recording. We call this a live-edit in post and we cover that in the Post Production section. 

Next, select your resolution and give your Video a title. Note: You should use the highest resolution available to you for the best quality.

When you are ready to begin recording hit "Start"

Once you hit the Start button your recording begins! The Record button will become active and the timer/counter will reflect the evolution of time.

Now you can begin Live-editing

During the recording you can begin you live-editing. Live editing options include: 

  • Cutting or transitioning between your cameras

By simply tapping from the various camera source preview windows below the large program monitor. With each camera selection your program monitor will change and your live edits will be recorded as the action unfolds.

  • Displaying or hiding text, graphics and media assets

On the right panel underneath the layers tab you can turn on an off any pre-loaded media assets. They can include text objects, still and animated graphics, movie clips, picture-in-picture elements and chroma-key backgrounds.

  • Changing your audio mix

On the right panel underneath the musical note icon you can access your audio mixer for all audio sources. From here you can modify your mix during your session to change audio levels at different times during the edit.

When you are ready to end your recording, simply tap the Record button and you will be asked to confirm. Select Stop and you will be alerted to the statistics of the recording you just completed.

Once complete, your composed video will be available for your review on your Camera Roll. If you wish to perform further editing, you may do so in our Live-Editor and re-render your composed video with your changes.

Recording Statistics reflect the duration of the recording, average video and audio bitrates and the average frames per second (fps).

You will also be given the option to return to the Preview screen for more recording, or be taken to the post-production live-editor.