During a production you will find the need to adjust your camera. With Cinamaker manually and remotely control your iPhone cameras*

On the top menu, it takes you between your  graphics camera settings audio from with  key settings and your sharing controls.

Camera settings. 

*Digital cameras (non-iPhone cameras) can not be remotely controlled.

This lets you access all four of your cameras, [zoom / Focus / Exposure Duration / Exposure Bias / ISO / Temperature / Tint / Flashlight]

For Reseting focus and Exposure on any of your cameras, Select the camera and tap on the "plus" option 

You also can jump back  between the audio which we set up  earlier but if you find somebody's  coming in too hard while you're doing it  you can just adjust settings if you want  to bring in music during a production  you can kind of pull it in the middle  of the production.