Each time you record and live stream with Cinamaker you have the ability to choose your camera angles as the action unfolds, turn your graphics and media on and off when you want them displayed, and mix audio decisions as you wish.

But you can also perform a live edit afterwards in our editor. 

We've made it super fast and easy to "Live edit" as the action unfolds, or go back and "Post-live edit" during playback.  You can even edit/overwrite your original decisions and save unlimited versions. 

One of the many unique benefits of Cinamaker is that you can conduct a live-edit while recording/live streaming multiple cameras, and from the same interface you can conduct a "Post-live edit" after the recording has stopped. 

"Live-Edit" and "Live Edit, Whenever" Explained

With Cinamaker, Live Editing means you are switching between your multiple cameras as the action unfolds live. Live Editing Whenever allows you to switch between cameras whenever you choose to. This is unique to Cinamaker because our technology records multiple cameras in perfect sync as the action unfolds, and maintains perfect sync of all cameras whenever you open the project file and decide you want to edit or re-edit. This affords you convenience to make your primary edit decisions during or after recording. Additionally, with Cinamaker you can "overwrite" your previous sessions and output multiple versions of the same synchronous footage.

Storage in the Cloud

Also in post-production there are a number of tasks Cinamaker makes fast and easy. One of the most important is archiving your footage. Cinamaker can simply move your project files into the cloud using iCloud and/or Dropbox for securing and storing your valuable project files, video assets and metadata. 

Integration with Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro

While Cinamaker makes it simple to shoot, record, live stream, and edit in the app, you also gain the benefits of being able to pass your multi-camera video in sync, along with all of your edit decisions, graphics/media and audio decisions intact directly and instantly into your favorite editing software ready for refinement.