With Cinamaker, you have the ability to edit your recording in playback using the in-app editor. 

The in-app editor lets you get the most out of your Cinamaker projects once your live stream or recording has ended.

The in-app editor can be accessed immediately after you finish recording, or anytime by merely opening your past projects at the bottom of the home screen, or through the “my projects” section in the home screen menu. 

When you select your project, it will immediately open in Editing Mode. Here you’ll notice that all cameras previously appearing in the preview monitors are now appearing as  "playback monitors", and the program output screen is now the Program Playback screen.

When you tap the Big Red Play Button to watch the playback of your production, you’ll notice the color-coded timeline below the playback monitor screen is reflecting the camera edit decisions made during the recording. 

To make changes to your recordings, you’ll use Cinamaker’s powerful and easy Override feature, that simply allows you to redo and "override" your camera edit decisions, media decisions, and your audio mix. 

To overwrite your decisions, tap the smaller red button to the left of the play button. Here you will need to select between the three sources you’d like to override. Each function is active and ready to edit if “red” and inactive if “white”.

Once activated. then tap the Big Red Button to start the playback where you can now re-edit and overwrite your camera decisions, audio mix, and graphic/media layers of the original recording.

To edit, access your projects from main screen:
or from the Hamburger Menu:

Available projects:
Before editing your project we recommend you first make a duplicate file. To do so just tap on Duplicate option:

Then select your duplicate project and tap Edit:
Edit options:

Overwrite: Audio | Layers | Cameras:

Cut room:

Finally export or share your movie: