Cinamaker Handoff for Director Pad Apple Continuity

Before you start

  • Download Cinamaker Handoff for Mac software:

  • Run the App

  • Turn ON both Bluetooth and WiFi on Director Pad device

  • Turn on WiFi and disable Bluetooth on assistant devices

  • Turn ON both Bluetooth and WiFi on Mac

  • On Mac go to Apple menu->System preferences->General and check “Allow Handoff between this Mac and your iCloud devices”

  • On Cinamaker Director Pad,  go to Settings > General > Handoff, then tap to turn on Handoff

  • Your Mac and  Director Pad device should be logged in into the same iCloud account

  • iCloud account should have some empty space

  • Ensure that your iPad is at least running iOS 11.3.1.  iOS 11.2.X and lower have connection issues preventing normal connectivity

  • Connection stability is better if Mac and Director Pad are connected to the same WiFi access point

Operation guide

  1. Start Director Pad. Start session

  2. Start assistants and connect them to Director Pad

  3. Start Stream or Live Edit on Director Pad

  4. Stop Stream or Live Edit on Director Pad. When you stop Stream or Live Edit, Director Pad device should be closer than 10 meters to Mac.

  5. When you stop the recording, the Continuation icon should appear in the left side of the Dock panel on Mac:


  1. Click the Continuation icon and the import window will appear:


  1. Wait until all files are imported. The import window will then propose possible options:


  1. Select the proper option. Import window will close. In all cases the folder with videos will be opened in Finder. 

  2. To open your project in your preferred editor: In the case of Final Cut Pro X, click on the FCPX XML file from within the newly created project folder. In the case of Adobe Premiere. click on the Premiere Pro for Mac compatible XML file from within the newly created project folder. In both cases, your project will be imported and synchronized to the timeline of your editing software for immediate editing or refinement.