Cinamaker is compatible with and can connect to any RTSP-compatible HDMI or SDI encoder.

NOTE: effective July 1, 2023, Cinamaker has stopped selling  HDMI-to-Ethernet encoders for connecting digital cameras to Cinamaker Director Studio.   There are many compatible RTSP encoders. This one from Amazon is reasonably priced and has been tested by our users. If there is another model you are considering- feel free to send an email and we'll give you feedback if it looks or we know if it is compatible.

We do recommend the following in order to utilize 3rd Party encoders with Cinamaker. Please note, Cinamaker does not support 3rd Party Encoders:

1. Always update the manufacturer's latest firmware

2. If your encoder is not auto-detected in the Cinamaker camera browser, use instructions from your encoder manufacturer to retrieve the RTSP Stream URL. You may then enter the RTSP stream URL by clicking '+ Add device manually in the 'Camera Browser'

Cinamaker also sells USB-C + Lightning Adapters for connecting your Mac, iPad, and iPhone to a 1Gb Ethernet network with affordable lightning to RJ-45 Ethernet adapters that include a USB3 port and the ability to a lightning jack to run power to your phone.

Please note, Cinamaker only ships to the 50 United States.