What is Cinamaker?

Cinamaker is the Video Production Platform built on iOS that is fast, easy, and affordable for Anyone to successfully produce professional-grade video.

To operate Cinamaker, your iPad will become your video control board, and up to four (4) iPhones (and/or iPads) operate as your high-definition video cameras.

Features include:

  • Connect multiple video cameras with PerfectSync
  • Real-time Live Editor allows you to select camera angles and nearly eliminates post production
  • Record and Live stream to multiple destinations; YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, more
  • Pre-load Graphics/Media engine gives you nearly all the features of a professional video truck
  • Save Projects for later refinement using Live editor
  • Seamlessly transfer Projects to Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere

To get started

Step 1: Simply download and install Cinamaker Director Pad to your iPad.  

Step 2: Download and install Cinamaker Capture to each of your iPhones.

Once dowloaded and installed, simply visit our Learning Center and follow the Getting Started Tutorials

Click here to learn about additional features and how to increase to four (4) cameras with the Paid version