Cinamaker Handoff for MacOS enables powerful capabilities for your video post-production workflows, including automatic import into Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere, by simplifying the transfer of your Cinamaker video projects from your iPad to your Mac in a single step.

Once your multi-camera recording or live-stream is completed using Cinamaker Director Pad for iOS, Cinamaker Handoff for MacOS automatically opens, showing your project is available to transfer. Tap the project icon and your project files, including all video, graphics, and editing metadata transfer over to your Mac using a WiFi or Ethernet network.

Cinamaker Handoff is integrated with Cinamaker Director Pad, a powerful live production tool that makes it fast, easy, fun and affordable for anyone to create professional videos using more than one camera and an iPad.

See Cinamaker Handoff for MacOS - Users Guide