How to configure Facebook to allow Cinamaker to live stream to your Facebook Group(s)

1.   Go to

2.   On the top right of the screen select the Menu icon then click 'Groups'

3.  Next click on a group under 'Groups you manage' you wish to stream from Cinamaker to

4.  Choose 'Group settings' in the left column then scroll to the bottom of the list in the right column and click the edit icon under 'Manage advance settings' for 'Apps'

5.    Click the 3 dots icon on the right of the screen underneath the invite button then click 'Group Apps'

5.    Click 'Add apps'

6.    Type 'Cinamaker' into the search field on the left column then select the Cinamaker icon once it appears

7.    Approve by clicking 'Add'

8.    You're done. Now you should be able to access your Facebook Groups in Cinamaker Director Studio to direct your livestreams to

If you are unable to make this work, please contact Cinamaker customer support for further assistance