1. Go to  https://www.facebook.com

  2. Click the settings menu button> Settings

  1. Click the Business Integrations > Select Cinamaker Director Pad > Remove

  1. Start DDP app > Start session> Connect assistant

  2. Open Stream settings screen> Select Facebook

Result: ‘’DDP’’ Wants to Use ‘’facebook.com’’ to Sign In popup appears

  1. Tap Continue button

  2. ‘’Cinamaker Director Pad will receive: your name and profile picture’’ screen open. Tap ‘’Continue as...’’ button

  1. ‘’Cinamaker Director Pad would like to post publicly to Facebook for you.’’ screen open.  Tap ‘’Ok’’ button

  1. ‘’Cinamaker Director Pad would like to manage your Pages…’’ screen open. 

    Tap the ‘’Choose what you allow’’ to be sure that you give permissions to manage your Pages. Tap the ‘’Ok’’ button

  1.  Select any  Page > Enter a stream title > Start stream