The table below outlines the amount of storage the iPad requires per hour of recording based on different settings and using different devices. Note: These storage amounts are per each camera being recorded and can be greater if you are saving a live-edit when recording or live streaming. For example: If you are set Director Pad to 'Good' setting and are capturing 4 cameras and are creating a live edit you would need 6Gb of storage for every hour of recording. In this case each source cameras + 1 live edit equals 5 1.2Gb files yielding 6Gb of storage needed per hour in this mode. At the highest setting with 4 cameras and a live edit Cinamaker requires 22Gb per hour of recording.

Video file sizes per hour of recording

BitratesActual (h.264), GBActual 
(h.265, HEVC), GB
Resolution/FPS/Camera mode/ Connection typeEnvironment (H.264)Environment (H.265, HEVC)
Low (1500kbps)0.610.711080/30/Main/WiFiiPad Air 2 + iPhone SEiPad Pro + iPhone X
Good (3000kbps)1.191.191080/30/Main/EthernetiPad Pro + iPhone SEiPad Pro + iPhone 8+
Better (7000kbps)2.692.681080/30/Main/EthernetiPad Pro + iPhone SE iPad Pro + iPhone X
Best (15000kbps)4.23.981080/30/Main/EthernetiPad Air 5 gen + iPhone SEiPad Pro + iPhone X