Cinamaker allows screen sharing from a Mac desktop or laptop. When you screen share to Cinamaker your Mac screen will appear in an open camera position.

CinIO is the Cinamaker extension that can be downloaded from the Mac App Store and must be installed on your Mac for screen sharing in Cinamaker.

Always allow time in pre-production to install CinIO on your Mac laptop or desktop (one time only) and be sure to test the connection to Cinamaker. 

*Go to your App Store.

*Search for CinIO.

*Download CinIO to your Mac

*And Open CinIO.

*Be sure the session ID in Director Pad...

*matches the Network ID in CinIO, the Click on Share Screen

CinIO allows screen sharing from your Mac desktop or laptop and will therefore will share whatever program or screens are active on your computer. 

When you screen share to Cinamaker using CinIO you must have an open camera position. Note that any audio from the computer will be included in the production.