While live streaming to YouTube is built into Cinamaker natively, YouTube's policy makes it trickier if you don't have 1000+ subscribers.  But don't fret, Cinamaker has a solution for everyone to live stream to YouTube using Cinamaker regardless of how many subs your Channel has, and it gives you more options. 

First, here is a link describing YouTube's restrictions on live streaming.

From Cinamaker, to live stream to YouTube with less than 1000 subscribers, you can use Cinamaker's RTMP streaming option accessible from the Live Stream/Record screen after hitting the red record button.

To learn about RTMP, see: Using the RTMP URL and unique Stream Key with Cinamaker.

But to get your RTMP credentials from YouTube that will be entered into Cinamaker Director App, you must first log into your YouTube Studio account and create a new stream.
Log-in To YouTube Studio here.  

After naming and describing your live video, you will choose to Create Stream immediately. 

On the next screen, you will retrieve your RTMP Server URL and RTMP Security Key on the bottom left, as shown. Also as shown, make sure you set 'Enable Auto Stop' to ON so that when you hit Stop Stream on Cinamaker YouTube will stop.

Next, you will return to Cinamaker Director App. When you are ready, hit the big red button and Enter those credentials to begin your stream, set resolution, enter title then hit the red start button. 

Then return to YouTube studio- wait to see the preview of your live stream in your YouTube Studio screen, then hit the 'Go Live' button on the top right of the YouTube Studio screen. You stream will begin. When you are done. Stop the stream in Cinamaker.