Need help live streaming and recording with Cinamaker?

With Cinamaker, you have the option to go live to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and any popular RTMP destination, all with the ability to live-edit in real-time by cutting between cameras and adding media elements. 

You also have the option to just simply record with multiple cameras, and then go back and edit in the in-app editor. 

In this video, we’re going to show you everything you need to know for both. First, lets show you how to record. 


Fire up your Cinamaker Director app on your iPad or Mac, and Cinamaker Capture apps on your iPhones.

Once your cameras are connected, locate, and hit the big red button just below the preview monitor. 

A popup screen will appear giving you the option to either record & live-edit or to live-stream. 

For this example, we will select "record & live-edit".

Next, you’ll be asked to give your project a title, and set your output resolution, typically the default setting is 1080p. 

Once set, then hit “start”

With your cameras recording, you can use the power of Cinamaker and “live-editing” by simply tapping your desired cameras preview monitor to cut between cameras, display and hide graphics & media by tapping the eyeball icon next to your ore-loaded media item, and adjust your cameras and audio mix in the camera and audio menus.

After a few minutes of recording and live-editing, you can stop by hitting the big red button once again. 

By default, Cinamaker records and saves your live-stream into individual project folders, including your cameras, audio, edit decisions, and media so that you can edit anytime; from within Cinamaker’s in-app editor and/or in your favorite desktop editor such as Apple’s Final Cut pro and Adobe Premiere. 

We will cover Cinamaker’s in-app editor in another video.

Go live

Live streaming and recording with Cinamaker is just as easy. For this video, let’s go live to Facebook.

To do so, with your cameras connected, simply tap the big red button, and select your live-stream destination.

For either Facebook or YouTube, you’ll need to enter your login credentials.

Next, set your stream resolution and give your stream a title. 

When you are ready, tap "start" and your stream will begin.

We suggest having your computer logged into your Facebook page so that you can monitor your stream live. You will notice that Facebook streams have about a 10-15 second delay.

When your stream goes live, just like when recording, you can switch between cameras, turn your graphics and media on and off, and control your cameras and mix your audio.

To finish your stream hit the big red button again, and a project folder will be created just like it would while recording.

If you need help with any of the features and functions Cinamaker has to offer, select the question mark in the top right of the main screen, or visit the Learning Center: