Welcome to Cinamaker. Before you know it, you’ll be creating professional quality video and live streams all in this easy to use app.

First, let's show you everything you need to know to get started.

Let's begin with the Start Screen.

This is where you’ll find the Project Panel. Here you’ll be able to easily access and organize your recorded projects which can be stored locally and/or to your iCloud. From here, you’ll also be able to edit and perfect your videos and share them on all popular platforms.

In the top left, you’ll find the Settings Menu. Here you can access and alter a variety of Cinamaker settings.

This is also where you can access The Cinamaker Learning Center. Where you can learn everything you need to know about all the features and functions Cinamaker has to offer in the Getting Started Series.

Back at the Start Screen, select “New Session”. And with your cameras connected to the same, strong WiFi connection, your cameras will automatically connect in Preview-mode on the Cinamaker Control Screen.

Here, You will see your “Program-Output Monitor” in the center.

Below that you’ll see your “Preview Monitors”, this is where you'll be able to simply select and switch to the desired camera you’d like to appear in the Program-Output monitor.

On the right, you will find the Features Menu Panel.

In the first tab you’ll find Cinamaker’s Media Engine. Here you’ll be able to easily add, control, and adjust:

  • Images & Photos

  • Graphic Files

  • Video Clips 

  • Text 

  • Picture-in-Picture

  • External Audio Tracks , and much more

The next tab to the right is the Cameras Tab where you’ll be able to easily control your cameras and their individual settings, like their zoom, exposure, white balance, and more. 

The center tab is Cinamaker’s Audio Mixer, where you’ll have the ability to control your Audio input coming from your Cameras, and any external audio devices.

The fourth tab is where you’ll have full control of your Chroma Key settings for Green Screen.

And the 5th and final tab within the Features Menu Panel is the Camera Transitions panel. Here you can select a default camera transition to add a level of professionalism to your video without the headache of the traditional editing process. 

Now back on the main screen below the Preview Monitor, you’ll find the Cameras and Devices Settings where you can manage and edit all your connected devices. 

Right next to the Cameras and Devices Settings is the Virtual Camera feature. Here you’ll be able to set and adjust an additional “virtual camera” from within one of your cameras. 

On the left side, the plus sign is an easy and effective way to reset your selected camera's focus and exposure levels.

Then finally, within the Preview Monitor, the plus and minus signs will allow you to manually adjust your active camera’s zoom. 

Alright so now that’s all covered, the only thing left to cover is the Big Red Button in the center of the screen. And at this point, you should have a good enough lay of the land to hit it. Once you do, a pop-up screen will give you the option to either “record and live edit”, or go live to Youtube, Facebook, or any  RTMP destination. In any scenario, all you need to do is give your production a title, pick your desired resolution settings, and then hit start. 

While recording, you’ll have the ability to switch between cameras by simply selecting the given camera tile, and add media by tapping the eyeball icon next to your added media item. 

When you are done recording, you will immediately return to the Control Center where you then access Editing mode, where you will be able to live-edit your recording in playback and override any decisions that you’ve made.

When you are done you’ll then have the ability to render and export your project to all platforms and to Apple Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere to further perfect your video.

If you need help with any of the features and functions Cinamaker has to offer, select the question mark in the top right of the main screen, or visit the Learning Center: https://support.cinamaker.com/support/home