Need help adding and managing media with Cinamaker? In this video, we will go over all the basics you’ll need to know to get started. 

To start, let's add an image. 

First, go ahead and tap the farthest left icon in the Features menu panel labeled “Media”, and then tap the plus sign next to Add Media, and select “Image”. 

A popup screen will appear, and from there, tap “+Add Image”. Now you’ll have access to your iPad or Mac’s Camera Roll or File System. Once you select an image, it will immediately appear in the Preview Monitor where you’ll be able to control placement, size, and appearance by pinching and moving the image. You also have the ability to make it full screen by tapping expand... Rotate it, add a border, and select a transition effect to how you’d like your image to enter and exit the frame by hitting “Wipe”. 

You can also assign it to the camera sources you’d like the image to be displayed by selecting and deselecting the camera icons in the top right.  Once you have placed the image and optimized your settings, hit save at the top right. This is also how you'd add and edit graphics as well. 

Now let's add a video. 

To do so, take the same steps you took to add an image. The only difference is when you select Add Movie and go to select from your local storage, you’ll need to import your video first.  Once it’s imported you’ll be able to select a video and it will appear in the Preview Monitor. 

Adding text is just as easy. 

Select the Media Menu panel, hit Add Media, and select “Text.  A text field will appear and allow you to type anything you’d like. 

You’ll then simply be able to : 

  • Adjust the position of your text by pinching and moving the text
  • Adjust color, font style, and sizing by hitting “font” and selecting your desired look
  • Add a background color by selecting “fill”
  • And add transition effects by hitting “Wipe”

When you’re done, once again hit save in the top right. 

So now at this point, you will see all your added media elements appear in the Media Menu panel. 

And with your cameras connected and in the Preview Monitors, you can turn your text and media on/off by simply tapping the "eyeball" icon to the immediate left of the element you’ve added to the Media Menu panel. 

And for videos, while recording, you’ll need to tap the "eyeball" icon and then tap the Play button when cueing up your video. You’ll also be able to control your video’s audio levels by tapping and adjusting the volume slider. 

To adjust and edit your added media item, simply select it from the media panel and you’ll be able to edit and perfect its appearance in settings. 

And finally, in addition to adding new Media elements, you may Duplicate media objects in the same project. This becomes convenient and saves time when you need to create and adjust many of the same media objects.

If you need help with any of the features and functions Cinamaker has to offer, select the question mark in the top right of the main screen, or visit the Learning Center: