In addition to live streaming directly to Facebook from Cinamaker, you may manually live stream to Facebook using RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol). 

The following describes using Facebook Live Producer for sending your Cinamaker Director feeds to Facebook Groups or Pages via RTMP.

Should you have any issues, please contact Cinamaker Support.

Step 1:

Go to Facebook Live Producer from a web browser.

Step 2:

Select “Use Stream Key” and the choose the Facebook category to live stream to: “Post on Timeline,  Post to Page you Manage, Post in Group”

Step 3:

If you choose post to Page or Group, you will select the specific page or group in which you Manage and have permission to live stream to

Step 4:

Include the Title and Description of your live stream

Step 5:

Next, with Cinamaker Director open, select the big Red Button to start your live stream. 

Step 6:

The popup screen will require you to select the RTMP option. 

Next, copy and paste the RTMP Server URL and Stream Key provided in the Facebook Live Producer window, to the fields in the Cinamaker popup screen.


Be sure to choose "RTMPS" as the Connection type. 

After pasting the RTMP server URL, you will need to delete the extra "rtmps://" as the field is pre-formatted

If streaming with Cinamaker Director on Mac, then copy and paste text. 

If streaming with Cinamaker Director on iPad we suggest you copy the Facebook fields and transport to the iPad using iMessage or another program so that you can easily paste into the Cinamaker RTMP fields on the iPad. 

Step 7:

Finally, you will need to select “Go Live” from Facebook Live Producer once you are ready… and select “End Stream” when completed.