With Cinamaker, both your multi-camera live edit (aka "Line Cut") and raw footage will be saved as a Cinamaker Project folder on your iPad and Mac. 

Additionally, your edit decisions, graphics and media, audio mix, and raw audio is saved on the iPad or Mac File system for video editing in Cinamaker's in-app editor, or export to your favorite video editing software, including Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Open your Cinamaker Project in Final Cut Pro

It is easy to open your Cinamaker project in Final Cut Pro. 

To do so, locate and open "project.fcpxml" from within the desired Cinamaker project folder you wish to edit and it will launch Final Cut Pro. Or, from within Final Cut, you may simply navigate to the Cinamaker project folder and open “project.fcpxml”. 

This will then create a new FCPX project and lay the contents of your Cinamaker recording on your timeline ready to be edited. 

Locate and open the project.fcpxml to edit in Final Cut Pro X