Echo cancellation - Mac only is a feature designed to use Cinamaker without requiring you to wear a headset while communicating on various online meeting and webinar platforms. It has been successfully tested with Zoom and other platforms, although there are cases when it may not work. 

Echo cancellation is optimized for use when sitting in front of your computer using your webcams mic and computers speakers.

To activate Echo Cancellation:

  1. Look for and click on the Cinamaker Audio Device Helper (Cinamaker logo) on your Mac’s menu bar and switch echo cancellation to on.

                      Activating the feature from the Mac menu bar

  1. Next, you must configure your Speaker device in your meeting platform to also be set to Cinamaker Audio Device. Note: this is in addition to having your Microphone set to the Cinamaker Audio Device. When not using echo cancellation, your speaker should be set to your default output device instead of Cinamaker. See the example inside of Zoom for modifying the Speaker device.

        Accessing A/V Setting inside of Zoom

                                                                       Modifying Video and Audio Settings in Zoom

Note: When using Cinamaker in a more typical production environment, Echo Cancellation should be turned off and earphones or headsets should be used by all needing to monitor the production. 

Known issues include: 

incompatibility with MS Skype and introduction of static and corruption of audio in some configurations.