When using Cinamaker on the go, you may find yourself in remote locations without access to reliable WiFi. However, if you follow these steps and are equipped with the following tools, you can create a portable network anytime, anywhere. 



Wifi 6 router (main wifi network)

WiFi Extender 

Ethernet Cable 

Dedicated iPhone as a hotspot 

Cinamaker Capture devices (iPhones, iPad, or Mac)


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Step 1: Turn on hotspot on phone  

  • Make sure your hotspot is turned on and discoverable by other devices. 



Step 2: Configure extender 

  • Follow instructions with your extender. 



Step 3: Setup your router and connect extender to router 

  • Using an ethernet cable, connect the two devices via the WAN port. 



Step 4: Search for the new router network you’ve just created. 

  • Using your Director Studio and capture devices, connect to the new network you’ve just created. 



Step 5: Set Network ID, Locate Devices, Record