Sending your Cinamaker session output to YouTube live is a breeze! Follow these simple steps to connect and send your live streams from Cinamaker to your YouTube Channel.

Step 1: Click the Big Red Button

  • To get started, click the Big Red Button and you will be taken to the Output Settings 

Step 2: Select YouTube as the stream option

  • Click the YouTube option under Stream Settings

Step 3: Sign in to connect and give permission to your Google account

  • You must log in to your Google account

  • Give permission to stream to the Channel you wish to stream to. 

NOTE: You must select and provide permissions for the Google account directly associated with the YouTube Channel you want to stream to.

Step 4: Configure your settings and Start your stream

  1. Complete your YouTube stream settings

  2. Toggle YouTube ON

  3. Start when you are ready to go Live

You will immediately return to your Cinamaker session controls to manage your live stream session

Note: The link to your live stream, and the link to your Control Room will be accessible by clicking the icons atop your program output monitor.

YouTube Control Room

The YouTube Control Room ( can be accessed directly from within Cinamaker