Your iOS Camera Flashlight is On-The-Air

Cinamaker Capture installed on iPhones and iPads turns your video cameras into Cinamaker capture devices, and now the flashlight comes on very low when the camera is selected by the Director, known as a Tally Light, to alert the “Talent” which of the multiple cameras are currently activated.

This document describes Tally Light functionality.

How it works

1. During a session, the iOS device flashlight will be activated with a pre-configured level of brightness when the Director selects that camera in Cinamaker Director Studio. 


2. As the Director selects and switches between camera angles,  the iOS devices Tally Light (flashlight) will be turned on when active and turned off when inactive. 

3. When the session ends, the Tally Lights (flashlight) will be turned off on all devices.

NOTE: Cinamaker Capture is required on the iOS device(s) for the Tally Light to appear.

Configuring Tally Lights

1. Launch Cinamaker Director Studio.

2. Click/tap the hamburger menu icon at the top-left of the Welcome Screen

3. Click/tap Settings to open Global Settings (you will be navigated to the Settings screen)

4. Locate Tally Lights setting then click or tap the arrow icon to show setting configurations.

5. Select the iOS device brightness level. Available settings:

- Off

- 1%

- 10%

- 30% (default value?)

- 50%

- 70%

- 100%

Selected brightness levels will be applied for all connected iOS devices.  

6. When you switch between camera slots, the Tally Light will be turned on for the active iOS Capture Device and turned off when inactive.