Cinamaker has been built on the iOS platform using proprietary PerfectSync(TM)  technology that allows you to simultaneously connect up to four video cameras and up to eight audio sources for video/audio recording, live-editing, and live-streaming.

Before downloading the Cinamaker Director App (iPad and Mac) and the Cinamaker Capture App (iPhone and iPad) for each of your video and audio capture devices, you will need the following hardware.

Cinamaker Director Apps

As your Control Center, the Cinamaker Director Multicam Studio App can be operated with your Mac or iPad. Cinamaker Meeting Director can be operated with your Mac only.

Mac Requirements (for Cinamaker Director)

  • Mac running macOS v10.15.6 or newer
  • Processor - Intel® 6thGen or newer
  • RAM - 8 GB of RAM
  • Graphics adapter - 2 GB of GPU VRAM

iPad Requirements (for Cinamaker Director)

  • iPadOS 13.0 or newer
  • Air 2
  • iPad mini - 6th gen
  • iPad 2017
  • iPad Pro


iPhone Cameras

Cinamaker Capture is the companion App to the Cinamaker Director and Meeting Director app and can be downloaded from the iOS App Store

Cinamaker Capture can be used on any of the following iPhone video cameras:

iPad Cameras

IPad cameras can also be used as capture devices. PLEASE NOTE: iPads running Cinamaker Director App may not be used simultaneously as a capture device.

iPod Touch Cameras

The new iPod Touch cameras can also be used as capture devices. 

Digital Cameras

In addition to iOS cameras, Cinamaker gives you the flexibility of using a variety of digital video cameras, including DSLRs, camcorders, and professional video cameras*. Cinamaker is able to accept both video and audio from digital cameras provided there is clean HDMI* coming from the device.

*NOTE: Each digital camera requires an HDMI encoder or an HDMI camera card to connect with Cinamaker Director. Please see "Connecting Digital Cameras and HDMI Sources" to learn more.

In order to use digital cameras with Cinamaker it is imperative the camera outputs CLEAN HDMI. Please refer to your camera's user manual to determine if your camera supports this mode.


Cinamaker requires audio to be transmitted to the Director app through iOS devices. 

Cinamaker accepts up to eight (8) iOS devices for capturing audio. The iOS devices you use as cameras can be used to capture audio as well as video. For example, if you are using 4 iPhones as cameras, you can add an additional four iPhones but they would only become audio capture devices in this example. To learn more about Audio with Cinamaker see: "Connecting Audio Devices Using the Headphone Jack"

Connectivity Hardware (optional)

Cinamaker recommends using a wifi router/hub to ensure continuous, reliable connections between cameras and your Mac/iPad when distance, RF interference or other unforeseen circumstances are present. Connectivity Hardware can consist of a Gigabit Wired Hub, iPhone and iPad adapters, HDMI adapters and required cables. See: "Using Wired Ethernet to Connect Devices"

Cinamaker Capture

Cinamaker Capture