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Panasonic LiveCTRL app by Cinamaker

We have the Panasonic PTZ camera AW-HE40HW and need to learn the Cinamaker Inc LiveCTRL app. Where or who do we contact to get training, support, knowledge base, etc for LiveCTRL? Thank You Dennis
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Ben or Gary We are using the work around solution LiveCTRL free app for moving PANASONIC PTZ and Cinamaker Director app for switcher audio/video, etc. We have wired connections for audio using USB interface and PTZ camera wire via Cinamaker encoder connected to same router LAN. Question: Does the Cinamaker Director iPad have to have a wired connection or can it be wirelessly connected to the same LAN ? Our sound board control center must be disconnected for sporting events therefore a wireless connection between iPad Director app is more flexible for us! Dennis
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