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Can Cinamaker provide a Connection Kit that supports only iPhone Capture devices?

(I don’t need support for non-iPhone/iPads devices).  If Cinamaker can’t supply the kit  I need, please provide the information necessary  to find Lightning-to-Ethernet adapters and a router/switch-hub-combo(with Wan) similar to what is included in Cinamaker’s Standard Connection Kit (NOT the Pro Kit). And please let me know If the suggested adapter and router/switch combo have been tested, successfully, with Cinamaker. Thank you.

By the way, in “Post a new topic”, the “Post topic in”  control allows only the “Feature Request” option (the “Cinamaker Inc Forum” option cannot be selected.

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Hi Chris,

Cinamaker is not currently providing Kits but we are supplying Lightning-to-Ethernet adapters on the Shop section of our web site.

As for a router/switch-hub-combo(with Wan), some customers have been reporting very good results with WiFi 6 rand WiFi 5 hubs (below). Keep in mind, depending on the number of devices you will be including in your productions, 8-10 ethernet ports should be enough.




Hope this helps.

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