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Facebook: Live Streaming to Facebook via RTMP - PLEASE READ

This weekend our Facebook Business account was hacked which disabled many services.

If you are trying to live stream to your Facebook Group, Pages, or Timeline from within Cinamaker, you may experience being locked out. 

The following alternative method will allow you to live stream from Cinamaker to Facebook via Facebook Live Producer and RTMP.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. This is a critical issue for many and, rest assured, it is a top priority to resolve as soon as possible. 

- Cinamaker Support

Please contact Cinamaker Support should you require immediate assistance.

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Please would you add Dates to your posts. The information provided is not credible.

The loss of the built-in easy connection to Facebook for Livestreaming is a critical issue. Can you give any inication when this feature  might be restored?

Posted on Wed March 17th 2021



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Quick Facebook Update:  3/17/21, 3:53pm

Facebook live stream from within Cinamaker Director app on both Mac and iPad has been restored. 

We appreciate your patience during this unfortunate outage.

Please let us know if you experience any issues.

- The Cinamaker Team

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