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Output to Zoom

When will this feature be up and running where we are able to output to zoom? anybody have and idea if it is or is it still pending to come out? 

Not yet. look for the Cinamaker Meeting Director announcement soon! 

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As of March 2021, Cinamaker Director Studio and Cinamaker Meeting Director can send your session output to Zoom, Teams, Webex, and other video conferencing platforms via the built-in Cinamaker Virtual Webcam Driver.

The Mac App Store version of Cinamaker Director Studio does not ship with the Cinamaker Virtual Webcam Driver. However, once Cinamaker is installed on your Mac, you can download and install the Cinamaker Virtual Webcam Driver for free from www.cinamaker.com/plans/.

Was kind of confused since on the update it mentioned it was available and to just download the driver on website.

you are right. I need to find where to download the utility from. 

It works for me right now and I can see Cinamaker Virtual Camera on my Zoom, but I am not sure what I did to get it to work. 

I found a couple of solutions, both of which we are still testing to determine the best outcome. I have an older MacBook Pro so sometimes the problem is my laptop! 

There is an NDI source button in the Cinamaker Director settings, turn that on. You must also install NewTek NDI applications. 

I don't have the exact instructions because, like I said, I am still experimenting. I also added a second laptop to my experiment! 

Here are some extras you have to use, it's not a straight forward setup. However, look out for Cinamaker Meeting Director launching next week! Makes the whole process easier! 

NewTek NDI Applications

must fill out form. FREE TO USE! 

Skype for Creators 


I am sure Zoom is similar to use instead of Skype, but I am still testing out the ways to make it work.

How are u using cinamaker right now? If you do figure it out let me know please. Would truly appreciate it

hey Dan any luck yet?

Great much of help!! I also have an older MacBook Pro and im guessing that's the issue since it has an integrated GPU which doesn't let me turn on NDI Source. Ill be waiting for Meeting Director next week. Now by any chance is this totally seperate from Director studio? Do I have to purchase Meeting Director aside from Having Director Studio. 

I think Meeting Director is a separate subscription. Launches today!

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